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Desk screen equipment assessment

While office spaces, benefits and technologies are constantly changing, our need for standard work practices and regulations remains the same as ever. Employees should legally be made aware of the DSE regulations in their workplace, with the employer holding responsibility for maintaining safe workspaces and ensuring every member of the team takes a DSE assessment. Enabling each employee to undergo the DSE assessment will ensure that any red flags can be easily identified and rectified accordingly, including poorly designed desk spaces or badly lit work environments. Though it may not be immediately obvious, a poor workspace can result in neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, fatigue, eye strain and back pain, and any one of these things could lead to time off work, sick leave and potentially serious injury.

DSE package 1

Our basic package offers the DSE assessment to every member of your team – a legal requirement ever since the Health and Safety Regulations act of 1992, with follow-up from our expert physiotherapists with regards to advice and exercises. Our in-house DSE Assessment is available for companies and individuals alike, whether you engage our services for an office of 100 or for your own personal work space in your home. No matter where you work from, you may be at risk of DSE related issues, and we urge everyone to undergo the assessment whether they are worried about their environment or not.

DSE package 2

Our premium package walks you through the process as a whole, providing advice and treatment relating to any issues or problems that may arise. As a committed team of expert physiotherapist’s, we understand the consequences of a poor work space and the effects this can have across all areas of an individual’s life, and so with the premium package we put emphasis on not only the assessment itself but also any pre-existing Musculoskeletal problems that may be causing your team problems at work and in their home life.

The premium package includes the DSE assessment for all members of the team, a follow-up meeting for each member of staff with one of our expert physiotherapists, advice relating to any new or pre-existing issues, and further treatment options should they be necessary.

Every DSE assessment is taken on a case by case basis, and so we cannot guarantee timescales for treatment or individual’s sign off.

Physiotherapist in Wokingham

Ken Denford, BSc (hons) MCSP, HCPC, AACP registered

Ken DenfordKen is a compassionate physiotherapist dedicated to achieving superior patient outcomes. After qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist from Brunel University, he continued to develop his clinical knowledge through clinical practice and embarking on several continued professional development courses.

Ken has completed several post-graduate courses including orthopaedic massage, orthopaedic assessment, muscle energy techniques, neural mobilisations and kinesiology taping.

Ken attained several sporting achievements including being nominated best boxer twice and the British Army’s 800 meters major teams champion.

Ken currently combines his work at the Wokingham Therapy Clinic with part-time physiotherapy clinic within the NHS where he treats both patients and NHS staff via occupational health.

To arrange an appointment with Ken, contact him via Empire Physiotherapy on 07856 363 491.