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Ayurveda in Wokingham

The Sanskrit word Ayurveda has two roots: ‘Ayu’, meaning life and ‘Veda’, meaning science. The practice of Ayurveda is founded on the principles of a 5,000 years old universal medicinal system which use is proving very much in existence today. Ayurvedic treatment is tailored to each unique person in a professional, supportive and compassionate environment.

Ayurveda believes that the human being is a microcosm of nature containing five elements. Ayurveda looks at a human being and treats in a holistic manner, taking into consideration the unity of mind, body and spirit. As a complementary and preventative medicine, it is very helpful in treating symptoms effectively.

Ayurveda is helpful in treating a number of different problems, including digestive issues, circulatory & nerve complaints, female problems such as menopause, endometrosis etc, thryoid/hormonal imbalance, reproductive issues, obesity, joint & muscle pain,auto-immune disorders, skin problems, allergies, respiratory conditions, stress, anxiety, low mood and sleep disturbance.

Before your treatment starts it is important to attend a personal one-to-one consultation during which your unique constitution will be assessed and your medical history discussed in order to address and treat any problem at the root cause level and find out about your expectations and needs.

After the initial consultation, the treatment plan will be formed addressing a particular condition or looking to maintain your health in line with your constitution. This may include changes which can be incorporated into your lifestyle. Changes consists of some possible adjustments to your eating habits, lifestyle and may include medicines and external therapy applications.

The length and type of treatment planned depends on each person as different levels of support are required to maintain individual healing.

Lara Sinha (DAPC Dip. ALNC Dip. AMT.Dip Ayur)

Lara SinhaLara is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner. She studied Ayurvedic Medicine at The Ayurvedic Institute in London (UK) and qualfied under Europe's foremost Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Deepika Rodrigo. As a registered member of the Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners (AAPUK), she continues to pursue her professional development and expand her scientific and spiritual knowledge of Ayurveda through continuous training.

Lara has a vast clinical working experience and deep knowledge of Ayurvedic principles having worked and trained alongside renowned Ayurvedic physicians in the UK and from India. She has written articles for several international health publications and has recently featured in Ayurveda Health & Tourism Magazine.

Her own personal ethos is not just to help those with any physical disorder, but to achieve an optimum mental, emotional and spiritual heath for all. Working with you, Lara will create a bespoke approach for you.

Your initial consultation lasts approximately 50 minutes, and follow up appointments 30/45minutes.

If you have any health concerns and would like to enquire how Ayurveda could work for you or would like to arrange an appointment, please contact Lara on 07526 717409 or email info@ayurcareuk.com.