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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a well researched therapy that can help us overcome a wide range of emotional difficulties including depression, panic attacks, trauma, worry and anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, low self-esteem, chronic fatigue and phobias.

CBT explores what might be contributing to our problems in the here and now. Often when we are in distress, we may think differently about ourselves and what happens to us. CBT aims to help us understand how our thoughts (cognitions) and behaviours relate to our feelings and explore ways that we might be able to rebalance any unhelpful thoughts or behaviour to enable us to cope better and improve our day to day quality of life.

CBT can be used to try and help anyone irrespective of ability, culture, age, gender or sexual preference and can be used alone or in conjunction with any prescribed medications.

What does CBT treatment involve?

CBT is a collaborative process. During weekly or fortnightly sessions, we will work with you to create a shared understanding of your current difficulties using a CBT model prior to working on agreed goals and strategies aimed at making positive change to the way you feel, think and act.

Each session lasts up to one hour and it is usual for to see clients for between 4 and 15 sessions depending on the severity of their difficulties.

Any information relating to yourself and the process of any therapy always remains confidential.

Does CBT work?

CBT has a wealth of scientific research that supports it and it is currently the recommended treatment for anxiety and depression by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). For more information on CBT and its effectiveness, please visit

Benignus Ndubuisi

Benignus NdubuisiI have many years of clinical experiences across a range of numerous health and social care settings, such as nursing homes, clinics, addiction services, general/psychiatric hospitals, high secure environments, residential services, adult mental health units, primary care, schools, churches and community centres. I have knowledge and experience of supporting clients who are presenting with various types of neurodevelopmental problems with their associated mental health difficulties and complex needs including autism, ADHD and challenging behaviours. I have over four years' experience of helping people with severe mental health problems, such as psychosis and personality disorder. I have advanced knowledge and skills at assessing, formulating and facilitating therapeutic change for adults presenting with depression and anxiety problems.

Specifically, I am an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Psychotherapist. I have over two years' full-time experience of working within IAPT services, assisting adult clients presenting with anxiety and depression problems. Accordingly, I offer evidence-based short-term psychosocial therapies for social phobia, specific phobia, panic, agoraphobia, OCD, health anxiety, worrying problems, PTSD, vomit phobia, etc. and depressive episodes and dysthymia.

For more information please feel free to contact me on 07810531083 or via email at

Dr Charlotte Couldrey, DClinPsych - Thames Valley Care

Dr Charlotte CouldreyI am an experienced specialist Clinical Psychologist with 10 years of NHS and private practice working with adults and young people with a range of emotional difficulties. I am able to offer clinical assessment followed by a bespoke treatment package for a range of emotional difficulties including anxiety disorders, autism, depression, anger problems, stress, relationship difficulties, adjustment, trauma, eating disorders, sleeping difficulties, emotion regulation difficulties and personality disorders. I am a specialist in providing individualised care and offering a flexable, tailor made approach to your difficulties. I am clinically trained and able to refer on to other services should that be more appropriate for your needs. I am registered with some insurance companies.

I specialise in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mentalisation based therapy and mindfulness. I have experience of working with individuals and couples. I have appointments available daytime, evenings and weekends.

To enquire, for further information or prices, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07852920329 or email