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Woodland in Wokingham, Berkshire

Hypnotherapy in Wokingham, Berkshire

HypnotherapyThe hypnotic state is a naturally occurring phenomenon, which people may experience through their daily lives, for example, have you ever been so involved in an activity that you completely lost track of time, or driven from one point to another and not remembered the journey? These are both everyday examples of a naturally occurring altered state of conscious awareness, between wakefulness and fully asleep.

Hypnosis is another example of this natural altered state of awareness and customarily creates a deeply relaxed state in which mental stress and bodily tension is reduced. Whilst in this hypnotic state, the mind is usually more open to the process of change. A person who is hypnotised cannot be made to do anything they do not wish to and will be aware of what is going on around them. It is important to note that people can't be hypnotised against their will.

Hypnotherapy is a therapy that utilises hypnosis. It is natural and safe. Hypnosis can be used therapeutically, as it allows greater access to the deeper unconscious part of the mind, which is important in the influence it has over our personality, beliefs, emotions and behaviour. Hypnotherapy can help to achieve positive and long lasting results.

There are many issues hypnotherapy can help, including: Cessation of dependencies and habits, for example smoking, nail biting and over eating. The management of stress related issues like phobias, panic attacks and insomnia, offering coping strategies to help with the management of stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy can also help with building/re-building self-esteem, improving confidence and improving performance related issues such as sports performance.

Tina Nash

Tina NashMy name is Tina Nash – I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist AFSH and DFSH. Solution Focused therapy can help with anxiety and depression, OCD, fears, phobias, addictions, sleep issues, weight management and much more.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines trance with the best of CBT, NLP and neuroscience to help you make long lasting and positive changes to your life, without dragging up the past. Sessions consist of modern, progressive talking therapy and hypnosis, leaving you feeling relaxed, confident, and in control.

Trance is a totally natural state which we go into many times a day - washing dishes, watching TV and even driving. An extremely relaxing and positive way to end a session - without a pendulum in sight!

Call 07920 118 906 to book your initial consultation.

Justin Gouldson

Justin GouldsonI have been helping men, women and their families break free from the clutches of stress, and onto a pathway of health, fitness, mobility and improved body shape for 30 years.

Life can be difficult, especially if issues of the past, or indeed present, are having a negative impact on how we look and feel. Overcoming difficulties is how we grow, and how we move around this board game of life.

In 2024, a person has to ask themselves - ‘how in such a advanced world, with more resources and information at our fingertips, is the world experiencing skyrocketing issues around mental health?

The reality is, as a result of the pace, speed and demands of our designer life - humanity isn’t fully aware of what the primal causes are, and - ‘how by not knowing’, can’t escape what can feel like imprisonment. People simply carry on feeling ‘stressed’, as their mode of day to day normality. The ripple effects impacting all areas of their lives.

Along with the many miracles of being human, is that human beings have been equipped with the ability to alter any version of our lives we should we choose to do so. Many opt to remain stuck, worried, scared and anxious, and some say - ‘No More!’

Take action today, and together - let’s do something about it, call 07899 987368 or visit ToughLove.co.uk for a free 20 minute initial consultation.