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Woodland in Berkshire

Life Coach in Wokingham

Coaching is future orientated taking you from where you are now to where you want to be. We can all get stuck with life, work or family, wondering how to move forward. Coaching is a supportive relationship, which helps you define what you want, create a plan and start to take those crucial steps towards ultimately achieving your goal.

Deep down we all know what we want, we just might not know it, yet. Coaching gives you that helping hand and all important cheerleader – supporting and guiding from the side lines.

You might be…

  • Stuck in a rut, thinking “is this it?”
  • At a cross roads in your career and in need advice
  • Stressed and looking for work/life balance
  • Lacking in confidence, motivation, or energy
  • Trying to reach a goal, but you simply don’t know where or how to start

One-to-one coaching will help you take a step back and define what you really want.

Coaching is non-judgmental and completely confidential.

Coaching can reshape your whole outlook on life, improving relationships at home, work and with friends.

Our life coachers

Elaine Mayhew

Elaine MayhewMy goal is to help you, help yourself, lead the best and happiest life you can. This involves change. To help you make those changes I use a blend of coaching and NLP techniques; I will help you get over the can’ts and get on with the cans using a variety of tools and techniques. This takes time and hard work! Rest assured there is plenty of sensitivity (and laughter) along the way.

Many people fall off the wagon of good intentions because of unhelpful habits, something knocks us off course so we tell ourselves it wasn’t meant to be or we are good enough. Goals can become distant dreams because the goal is just too big.

Together we’ll unpick what’s not working, replace negative self-chatter and take steps to make the changes you want. By breaking down the goal, the path forward becomes clearer.

For more information you can call me on 07788 250073, email me at elaine@elainemayhew.com.

Gillian Billington

Gillian Billington As a life and career coach I help people who feel unfulfilled or have lost direction in an area of their lives or career.

I help those who are wanting to get back to work, those who want to get recognised and promoted in their current workplace, or those who are seeking a completely new direction.

This can be difficult, most people know what they don’t want to do, but struggle with choosing their new direction. We become overwhelmed or over-think the issue and inevitably get stuck, never moving forward and remain unfulfilled.

By providing dedicated time in a safe and confidential environment and by using a number of life coaching tools, techniques and processes I can help you achieve clarity, find direction and build the confidence to take that next new step.

I offer both individual sessions and a course of sessions at a reduced rate.

For more information you can call me on 07918 292686, email me at gillian@dreamladdercoaching.com or visit www.dreamladdercoaching.com.