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Life Coaching in Wokingham

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching is about understanding yourself and about creating the future you desire.

You can be whatever you want to be. The chances are that something is in your way and you haven’t noticed. NLP coaching finds what’s stopping you, helps you banish it and gives you the tools and techniques of the world’s finest therapists and high-performers to make fast, permanent change and perform at your best.

You will learn new ways of communicating with yourself and mastering your emotions rather than letting them master you. This will allow you to use and take charge of your mind and body to get what you want.

Deep down we all have a positive intentions, but often our strategy results in something we don’t want. Coaching channels that positive intent, focusses it in the direction you desire and gives you strategies and tools to succeed.

Anxiety coaching

Anxiety can be pervasive and all-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

We all have our own ‘brand’ of anxiety and deep down it wants the best for us. By understanding how we ‘do’ anxiety and ‘why’ coaching can intervene in the process, free you and give you the tools to manage it for the rest of your life. The process can give you the true freedom and peace of mind which only comes when all aspects of your psychology are aligned.

Nick has developed a programme which takes the best of NLP, Psychology and Neuroscience and can provide fast and lifelong relief from anxiety; giving you the understanding and tools to move forward and enjoy life to the full.

Phobia coaching

Is a phobia stopping you enjoying life to the full?

Did you know that your phobic response can be significantly reduced and even eliminated in as little as one hour?

Using the principles and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming you can change the mental associations you attach to your phobias, replace those associations with empowering feelings and get new with strategies for life-long freedom.

Nick Croxford

BSc Psychology, NLP Practitioner, Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, ANLP registered, mBANT

Nick CroxfordNick works one to one with individuals and business clients to help them understand and get what they want. Nick has worked with extensively with offenders and in business, and has found the same desires, blocks and dysfunctional strategies exist across the spectrum.

Nick integrates his Psychology background with the practical tools of NLP to quickly identify the heart of the matter, deal with it and give you the strategies to manage it yourself - this is true freedom for you.

Nick believes that the mind and body are one system unique to everyone. To this end he is currently completing a Masters Degree in Personalised Nutrition using Functional Medicine which will enable him to tailor food, supplement and lifestyle interventions unique to each person’s biochemistry. This truly holistic approach to optimal mental health and performance he calls ‘Mental Wealth’ is coming soon... Nick is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine, the Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the British Association of Nutritional Therapists.

If you have any questions about the life coaching or would like to arrange an appointment, please ring 07763 905 243 or visit