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Woodland in Wokingham, Berkshire

Pregnancy massage in Wokingham, Berkshire

Pregnancy massageMassage is a wonderful way to help you relax while pregnant. It gives you "me" time and is the perfect opportunity to let go and release any tension.

Pregnancy massage supports the body through the many changes during those 9 months. While you drift away on a lovely soft fluffy cloud of relaxation, I'll work on those aches and pains, helping you feel more comfortable, calm and relaxed.

The benefits of pregnancy massage are:

  • Relieves back ache
  • Helps to release tension in your shoulders/neck
  • Can greatly reduce swelling in legs, hands & feet
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves muscle cramps
  • Helps relieve sciatica
  • Helps release feel good hormones
  • Baby benefits from the relaxation and hormones released
  • Can help reduce labour duration

You will be lying either in a side-lying position, semi-reclined or seated position, depending on which stage of pregnancy you're in, and the treatment required.

We use neutral oils so that there's no worry of strong smells (we know how much pregnancy can alter those senses!).

Therapist vacancy

If you would like to rent space and practice within the clinic, please email the clinic manager.